Care Instructions

Rust prevention: Each MattOpan handpan comes with a bottle of pure tung oil. It is recommended that MattOpan handpans are oiled with pure tung oil every 3 months after purchase for rust prevention and general longevity. If the handpan is being stored near the coast or in a humid environment, oiling should occur more frequently. 100% tung oil can be sourced from good hardware shops once your first bottle is finished, or you can order more from us. Skin oils also cause rust. Accordingly it is recommended that you wipe down your MattOpan after each playing session with a dry soft cloth (‘chux’ cleaning cloths are ideal).


Cleaning: If you spill something on your MattOpan handpan, wipe it off with a dry cloth. If any residue remains, use rubbing alcohol to remove it, and reapply tung oil once the handpan has completely dried. 


Storage and temperature: Please follow the following recommendations to ensure MattOpan handpan longevity and overall sound quality:

  • Store in its case when not in use.
  • Keep it dry. If it does become wet, make sure it is completely dry before storing in its case.
  • Do not store in vehicles or other hot or humid environments for extended time periods.
  • Play gently with hands and fingers. Never play with mallets or sticks.

Tuning:  It is recommended that you return your MattOpan handpan to us for tuning once in its first year. This will be free of charge, you just need to cover the postage. Subsequent tunings are recommended if you notice it needs a tune-up, at a cost of $50 plus postage.


Repairs: If your MattOpan handpan has been damaged, please contact us. Depending on the nature of the damage we will determine an estimated cost and wait time for repairs.


Scratches and marks: Some scratching and marking can occur during the natural hammering  process of making a MattOpan handpan. These marks and scratches will not affect the sound of the instrument, its rust resistance or its longevity.