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MattOpan Handpan
MattOpan Handpan
MattOpan Handpan
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MattOpan Handpan
MattOpan Handpan
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MattOpan Handpan

MattOpan Handpan

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◾ MattOpan handpans are designed and built by an established musician who, by trade, understands the quality standards that underpin a great instrument, and that the integrity of the sound is paramount. MattOpan handpans have been particularly designed to achieve ultra-smooth harmonics and an incomparable deep resonating bass. Note strength and stability have been enhanced through a process of meticulously tuning each fundamental note with both its octave and its harmonic.

◾ MattOpan handpans come in 11 standard tunings (link to videos and details), and can be custom made to most other scales to your request!

◾ MattOpan handpans are all made from Australian steel, and undergo multiple intense heat treatments to achieve your handpan’s optimal sound resonance and longevity (rust resistance and tuning stability). The heat variations also create colour variations between handpans; individual handpans may be a rich bronze, luminescent blue or deep black. Each handpan has its own unique colour and character, and you will find yourself quickly building a relationship and language with your particular handpan because of its uniqueness.

What It Comes With : 

1. Handpans

-  Cost: $1800 AU plus postage. All handpans come with a case and care            pack (protective pure tung oil and application cloth)

-  Weight: 6kg with case / 4kg without case

-  Dimensions: 54cm diameter, 24cm height

2. Case

-  Cost by its self: $150 plus postage

-  Weight: 2kg

-  Features: Backpack-style shoulder straps for easy carrying. Durable zips.        Steel inner lining to protect note side of the handpan

3. Oil

-  100% pure tung oil

 Cost: $10 plus postage

-  Why: for handpan longevity and rust resistance

1st Tuning Is Free!
Postage cost not included.


Scale name

Middle low bass note

Melody notes

G minor pentatonic


Bb C D F G Bb C D

F minor pentatonic


Bb C Eb F Ab Bb C Eb

Eb major 7 pentatonic


Bb D Eb F G Bb D Eb

D Akebono


A Bb D E F A Bb D

C# Akebono


C# D# E  G# A C# D# E

Db major 7


Db Eb F Gb Ab Bb C Db

D minor (low)


A Bb C D E F G A

D minor (high)


D E F G A Bb C D

Eb minor


Bb C Db Eb F Gb Ab Bb

F# minor


 B C# D# E F# G# A C#

Ab major


Bb C Db Eb F G Ab Bb

Ab major pentatonic


Bb C Eb F Ab Bb C Eb

C# / Db is the lowest ding (centre note)
G# / Ab is the highest ding (centre note)

Custom requests take at least 3 months to complete – once your custom pan is made we will send a video of the finished product, and you can choose at that point whether to buy it.

Included : Case + Tung Oil